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Enjoy the best night sleep in heavenly duvets

Adored for its characteristic loft, our down duvet inner is lightweight and billowy. It’s used in fabulous homes and hotel destinations, elevating the owners end-of-day comfort. Perfect in every season, its quilted design naturally regulates temperature changes. 

Any size and shape duvet inner can be custom made to your requirements. Our raw materials are imported and all fillings are Certified and where applicable fully traceable. Our duvets are washable. All duvets are manufactured with feather and down fillings that are certified, washed, ethically sourced, graded and sterilized in compliance with European Down And Feather Association standards. 


Duck Down & Feather 20/80, 20% down clusters. It is made up of a blend of small duck feathers (with a quill) and duck down (no quill). This filling is a more economical option as it is not as expensive as a pure down filling.


TOG value for Standard weight: 10.5 and Summer weight is : 4.5 and the fill power is 450 FP. 

All down & feather fillings are sourced ethically and are tracible to the country of origin. All Duvets have a two year guarantee against faulty workmanship and material defects.

Our Available sizes:

80cm x 20cm                  COT DUVET INNER

135cm x 200cm              SINGLE DUVET INNER

135cm x 220cm              SINGLE XL DUVET INNER

150cm x 200cm              THREE QUARTER INNER

150cm x 220cm              THREE QUARTER XL INNER

200cm x 200cm              DOUBLE DUVET INNER

200cm x 220cm              DOUBLE DUVET XL INNER

230cm x 200cm              QUEEN DUVET INNER

230cm x 220cm              QUEEN DUVET XL INNER

230cm x 220cm              KING DUVET INNER

260cm  x230cm              KING DUVET XL INNER

290cm x 235cm              EMPEROR DUVET INNER

260cm x 240cm              CALIFORNIA KING DUVET INNER

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