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Mattress Protectors

For protection and care of your mattress. It’s a mattress padded by ultrasound and resistant to rubbing. The mattress cover has a high quality construction, with an edging and elastic rubber around its contour. This product is waterproof. The fabric is imported from Spain and made up in our factory.


Fabric: 50% cotton and 50% polyester 

Filling: 100% thermo-bonded polyester of 150 grs / m2 

Washable 60ºC 

Mattress Toppers

mattress topper.jpg

The benefits of using a feather and down mattress topper are for enhanced comfort, feather toppers are exceptionally soft, and will improve the feel and comfort of most sleep surfaces.  We also offer a synthetic option.

Many people use a soft mattress topper to provide a more comfortable surface to a hard mattress. When used in this way, the new top layer can be a good thing. It can relieve pressure on your hips and shoulders and can help your spine rest with a more natural curvature. This, in turn, helps to reduce back pain. 

Mattress Converter

Mattress converter.jpg

Using our quilted mattress converter this allows you to convert two single beds or two three quarter beds into one big bed, helping alleviate the ridge in the middle. You give us the dimensions of your beds and we do the rest.

The fabrics are imported from Spain manufactured in our factory to your specifications. The layers are quilted together and elasticated on all four corners to slip under your mattress to hold the converter in place. 

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