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The perfect scatter cushion inner does exist

The perfect scatter cushion inner does exist, we make it!  Covered in the softest down proof cotton casing 233 thread count, optic white.  We fill our inners with various fills, with premium quality feathers and down for a fabulous puff and fluff factor.



Always go up 5cm on both sides so the corners fill the outers nicely

Lets not break-up over the fullness or lack of fullness!

We can create a special recipe especially for you!

For a plump scatter inner please order your inners 5cm bigger or more than the outer.

Any size inner can be custom made to your requirements.

All scatters can be extra filled.

We can create a special recipe especially for you.

Let’s not break up over the fullness or lack thereof on your scatters! 


Our raw materials are imported and all fillings are certified & where applicable fully traceable. Our scatters are washable. All scatter inners are manufactured with feather fillings that are certified, washed, graded and sterilized in compliance with European Down And Feather Association standards. 

All down & feather fillings are sourced ethically and are tracible to the country of origin. If you over-wash your inner the layer of downproof will be stripped away and the feathers will come through the fabric. 


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