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Sofa Upholstery

We are always asked for a dreamy sofa seat. Our dreamy Sofa seat inners and back seats softness is achieved via 100 percent feather cushions wrapped in a beautiful secret recipe and is available in your requested width, length and different depths. 

You give us the finished size and we will do the rest. Your inspiration and we achieve the result: a sofa “so soft it overwhelms the senses”. 

Sofa Seat Upholstery Inners

These are available with the following inners:

Channelled Feather Mix Inner Seat

Channelled Feather Mix Inner Seat with High density Foam

Channelled Feather Mix Inner Seat with Memory Foam

Sofa Back Upholstery Inners

This are available in a Channelled Feather Mix Inner back

Any size can be made

Contact us with your Size & specification

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